NoMiNoU – Botschafter

Die NoMiNoU Botschafter teilen den Gedanken von NoMiNoU und orientieren sich an der Liebe zum Leben, Lernen und Wachsen sowie an Freundlichkeit und Wertschätzung.

Kristen Stuart Ambassador Nominou

Kristen Stuart


I love diversity. I’m very much someone who’s passionate about other cultures, learning about them and being immersed in them. Yoga is about unity. To unite is the meaning of yoga. To me it’s about uniting and remembering our oneness as one people. I loved when I learned the story behind the NoMiNoU brand. No Me, No You – We Are All One. Our practices on the mat and out in nature, the way we can share in culture honouring one another – this is really the ripple effect and the power of healing that moves out into this world.”

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Kristen began her yoga practice in a sweaty Ashtanga-based studio in the heart of Canmore. A Certified Personal Trainer and ACMG Hiking Guide, turned Yoga + Meditation Teacher and Lifestyle Coach, she has been an explorer of movement medicine through sport, fitness, dance, climbing, hiking and yoga.

Inspired by the wild surroundings of the majestic Canadian Rockies, Kristen is known for the reverent way she weaves rich wisdom from her studies in the ancient traditions of yoga and indigenous medicine and makes it relevant for modern day living. As a teacher, mentor and lifestyle coach her calling is to guide others towards their passion, purpose, and powerful presence in life.

As creatrix of The Yogini Path (108hrs), an empowering path of yogic study and practice for women, Kristen is dedicated to guiding women towards their power, grace, voice and dharma as true leaders and lightworkers living in alignment with their highest self.

She has also founded The Unity Project, a charitable cause that supports Ninos del Sol, a family of 15 orphan children in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Since 2011 she is committed to ensuring her Peruvian family goes on to secondary education, successful careers and thrive in their lives, breaking the cycle they were born into of poverty and abuse.

As a teacher Kristen focuses on artful alignment, nervous system support and endocrine system balance. Her studies in yoga have explored various disciplines over the past 15 years spanning the physical, psychological to the very subtle body. Certified in alignment-based Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra and Kundalini, Kristen aims to open others to the depth of subtle body study, powerful movement, neural re-programming and a rich multi-faceted yoga journey in body, breath and mind.

Join her on one of her upcoming retreats in Mexico, Greece or the Canadian Rockies. For more information please visit or follow her @kristenstuartyoga

Erin Cebula Ambassador Nominou

Erin Cebula


“I love the NoMiNoU line for so many reasons. Their wonderful eco-friendly, high-performance gear is designed and manufactured in Vancouver. Check. Their leggings feature original artwork either by the founder’s late mother or local and international artists. Check. And NoMiNoU’s founder Jullianna Charlton and her team put a tonne of love into every piece.”

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Erin Cebula is a Leo nominated TV Host and producer, a sought after emcee and travel writer and the Content Creator/Culture Builder at Blu Realty. This self-proclaimed dabbler began her TV journey in 2000; landing the coveted role of Arts & Entertainment Reporter at Global BC. Erin then went on to host the Vancouver talk show Urban Rush, HGTV Canada’s feel good hit Makeover Wish and Entertainment Tonight Canada. During her 12 year stint on Canada’s #1 Entertainment show, this curious connector covered everything from the Oscars to the Junos, and fronted national Network specials for SURVIVOR, and History Channel’s VIKINGS.

This former farm girl and Chatty Cathy (believe us, she can talk 🙂) also lends her trademark spark to live events and campaigns for BC Children’s Hospital Lottery, BC SPCA, ‘Be You’ by Morguard, New Balance Canada, TEDX Kelowna, Shaw TV, Value Village, Eco Fashion Week, Skookum Festival, Black Hills Winery, World Vision and NoMiNoU. Behind the camera, this globetrotter and smile seeker uncovers unique hotspots around the world for Drift and Vancouver Living Magazines.

Kamantha Ambassador Nominou

Kamantha Naidoo


“I love wearing NoMiNoU! They are the most comfortable and fun yoga wear around. Even on my casual days, my Nominou attire never goes unnoticed when I’m at the gym or running errands. I feel like I could live in them every day. ❤️”

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Kamantha Naidoo is a certified counsellor, educator and personal trainer, born in Durban, South Africa.  Kamantha is also a Canadian actor, model, and fitness influencer and offers holistic health coaching to clients. Kamantha lived across Canada, South Africa, and Australia for most of her life and moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2014. She graduated with degrees in Psychology and Education at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.

Kamantha has been a counsellor since 2009 and started her journey into wellness practices in 2012 after she hurt her back. She was unable to do normal tasks for more than a month and though it was not a severe injury, it was enough for her to reflect on the importance of her health. She notes that she had actually accepted ill health for most of her life, living with digestive issues and recurring stomach ailments. In 2012, Kamantha decided to make a big change and started eating healthier, exercising, practicing yoga and meditation, and teaching these techniques to her clients.

Kamantha has had a love for the arts since she was a little girl and acted in school plays and live performances since she was nine years old. Kamantha concentrated on pursuing a career in Counselling and Teaching for most of her young adulthood and decided to return to her first love – ACTING in 2014. Kamantha has made appearances on popular TV shows in including ‘Lucifer’, ‘Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce’, ‘Arrow’, ‘Motive’, ‘The Flash’ and most recently ‘Date my Dad’ and ‘The Good Doctor’. Since moving to Vancouver this vibrant lady has scored several lead roles in music video productions and international commercials. Kamantha is also a fashion model and has worked her way to the runway for some elite shows and has been featured in many print magazines around the world.

Theland Kicknosway

Theland Kicknosway


“The NoMiNoU Designs leggings are very comfortable and can be worn anytime, all the time.
No matter who you are, wherever you come from, the designs are unique and can represent one’s individuality and how they wish to present themselves. They also can guide how one wishes to express their emotions through clothing and fashion. NoMiNoU has so many products that can support your needs: from running in marathons, to participating in yoga and awareness of good living, physical activities and healthy wellbeing, but you will also find something new each time you step into these designs.”

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Theland Kicknosway is a strong Indigenous Youth. He is Wolf Clan, Potawatami/ Cree Nation, a registered member of Walpole Island -Bkejwanong Territory in Southern Ontario. He is a singer, a grass & hoop dancer, and helps in ceremonies in many places. He is in High School in the Ottawa Region where he is a part of many sports teams. He enjoys offering his gifts of song/dance/voice for all. He is known as the Cree Drummer when he sang and hand drummed an honor song for the incoming Prime Minister of Canada and his new cabinet members during the swearing-in ceremony in Nov 2015. He helped drum in the Indian Residential School Survivors In the Ottawa region in 2008 and in the closing of the TRC June 1st, 2015. In spring 2018 he completed his 4th annual run in partnership with Families of Sisters in Spirit-134 km per run- raising awareness to the children left behind of MMIWG2S. His finished his 5th Annual MMIW2S run held at Algonquin College in early May 2019. Theland has been a Blanket Exercise Facilitator for the past 6yrs. In 2018 he is the youngest Indspire Award Recipient under Culture, Heritage & Spirituality of the 25 yr History of the Inspire and Achievement Awards. Please be sure to find Theland Kicknosway on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Charlene muskego

Charlene Muskego


“I am part Coast Salish and I feel passionate about the representation of the NoMiNoU brand of my culture. The artwork is truly beautiful and I love how everyone is able to enjoy the culture and the colours while working out or being active. I also love how comfortable the clothing is.”

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Charlene is part Tla’amin First Nation. Her mother is Coast Salish and Charlene identifies as being part indigenous.
She began her fitness journey in Fall 2014, only 2 years after having her second daughter and was at her first Natural Bodybuilding Competition called IDFA in fall, 2015. She placed overall in the fitness model category. Inspired by her daughters to become something more and chasing a dream of becoming a better person, she continued her fitness journey to become a WNBF Bikini Pro. She fell in love with the process of health and fitness and would not be swayed by the obstacles that stood in her way and even the doubts within herself.

In 2017, she returned to the stage and competed in the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF), winning her WNBF Pro Card for the Bikini category. She also won her first WNBF pro debut (international) and overall as a sponsored Vasayo athlete.

Her goal is to travel to Africa with her family and donate a well to hearts and hands for humanity. Charlene believes that everyone deserves clean drinking water. To help others is her passion, especially with their fitness and health goals.

In 2018, she competed at the WNBF World stage in LA and placed 7th in the tall category. She will continue to work hard and aims to return to the WNBF World stage, 2020 representing Canada.

Charlene notes that WNBF is the utmost respectful natural bodybuilding federation where their athletes are drug tested and lie detector tested. Her goal is to become a World WNBF Bikini pro Champion. As a mother, she continues to chase her dreams and as a way to show her daughters to never give up in the hopes that one day her daughters will decide to follow their dreams when their time comes.

Charlene says, “Despite the struggles. I have learned we are resilient. You choose who you wish to become. Feel free to join my fitness journey by @charlene.muskego on IG.

NoMiNoU Forrest Yoga

Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco


“We are proud to be ambassadors for NoMiNoU designs. A brand that represents the same ideals and integrity as Forrest Yoga – embracing First Nations, and drawing from the teachings of the indigenous Ancestors. NoMiNoU just like Forrest Yoga believes that we must always nourish our mind, body and SPIRIT & respect the animals & the environment as relatives & guardians, while living a life of purpose and intent. As Vegans, we love the importance of the environment to the brand. They are created by individual artists, and as artists ourselves we love that they come from a place of creativity and individual expression. Each time we teach in their designs we feel that they help to convey our Forrest Yoga message in a visual way to our students – Breath, Integrity, Strength and Spirit.”

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Ana  Forrest is an inspiration and has been changing people’s lives for over 45 years. She is  an internationally-recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing. She is the Creatrix of Forrest Yoga, a mystic, visionary, philanthropist, author, and Medicine Woman. Ana crafted Forrest Yoga while working through healing from her own life’s traumas – abuse and addictions, the helplessness around the addictions, and the ongoing suffering from chronic injuries & illnesses. The process of healing herself inspired her to teach others about what really works to heal themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Forrest Yoga is a powerfully physical, internally focused practice that emphasizes how to integrate the transformative experiences from the mat into purposeful daily life.

Ana took her first yoga class at age 14 and became a certified instructor in 1975. Ana used yoga and Native American ceremony to save her own life. It is her intent to pass that lifesaving ability forward. Her study and clinical application of healing modalities is vast, and includes homeopathy, naturopathy, anatomy, reflexology, acupressure, craniosacral treatments, Shiatsu, regression therapy, reiki, chiropractic, polarity and hands on healing. All these inform her work and lead to her becoming a wise, intuitive teacher & healer. In her life-long love for evolving, Ana has journeyed into Indigenous Sacred ceremonies, like Sweat Lodge, Pipe Ceremony, Vision Quest, and Sundance. Ana has now taught and toured in over 33 countries.

Ana is at heart a woman of the wilderness. She has spent many years in the mountains and forests learning from the animals, trees, rocks, water, and the seasons. Prior to becoming a yoga teacher, Ana spent her early years training horses, dogs, cats, birds, and the occasional snake. It was a natural progression to move to teaching humans.

Ana and Jose have a saying: “Authenticity in Spirituality can be gauged by our conduct in everyday life”. With their dedication to global healing, the couple co-creates a magical and safe arena for transformation. To learn from Ana & Jose means to dive into a transformational treasure chest. They continue to teach throughout the year around the world. Discover the sacred potency of JoseAna’s life’s work at a Forrest Yoga event near you.

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Jose Calarco is Ana’s co-director of Forrest Yoga. Jose comes from a long history of shamanism, the arts, music and healing, bringing his decades of experience as an artistic prodigy to Forrest Yoga. Jose is also Director of the legendary Australian Indigenous company Descendance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Theatre Descendance won the UNESCO (United Nations) competition as the world’s best Indigenous live show in a field of over 70 countries.

Jose Calarco is a bridge to the spirit world. As Ceremonial Leader for Forrest Yoga and co – teacher with Ana Forrest, he creates and teaches ceremonies, tells creation stories from the traditions of the First Peoples of Australia and other shamanic traditions and weaves these into the yoga practice. Jose brings his passion, playfulness and heartfelt respect for the ceremonial traditions of the First Peoples to every Forrest Yoga event. A musician and songwriter, Jose uses the language of music to convey messages of the spirit for which there are no words. Jose’s music invites students to attune to the cosmic vibrations all around us, which helps us realize that we are that vibration: Jose’s music is an invitation into the feeling of coming home.

Jose’s experience as a faith healer and Medicine Man spans over 30 years. He has collaborated with Indigenous wisdom keepers like Medicine Woman and Australian cultural treasure Kathy Marika of the Yirrikala People of central Northern Australia, and he co-created Descendance Aboriginal with Indigenous elder and Song Woman Imelda Willis of the Yidinji and Kandju tribes. Imelda is Jose’s Spiritual Mother, and was a rare woman who had been fully initiated. She adopted him as an equal into her tribes in Far Northern Australia, sharing knowledge and hope with each other and with the world. Jose’s extensive travels with Descendance to over 40 countries has guided him to participate in a multitude of Indigenous ceremonies with a vast array of different cultures from around the world.

NoMiNoU Ambassador Chervelle Camille

Chervelle Camille


“There is so much that I love about NoMiNoU. The main reason being their mission of celebrating the individuality and origin of all women by using art and culture.
They conduct themselves with such grace and respect and that is without a doubt reflected in each design. An added bonus is that this Vancouver local-designed activewear is eco-friendly and extra comfortable.”

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Chervelle is a certified Hatha, Yin, and Mum & Baby yoga teacher who believes in the importance of breath as the key guiding tool of movement in yoga, high-performance training, and everyday life.

Born and raised the first quarter of her life in Trinidad, this Caribbean girl has called Vancouver home for 24 years. She also has her heart in the United Kingdom. After five years in business as a wedding coordinator, Chervelle started her journey into wellness by firstly recognizing that some changes needed to be made to get a grasp on her health and future. Yoga and working out was a practice for many years up until that moment when it became a more
consistent routine. Making healthy choices and finding outlets that supported these decisions were a life-saver. Coming from a family on her maternal side of cooks and bakers, preparing food and being creative by exploring with ingredients in the kitchen has become a joy. As a result of this pursuit for long-term health, it was only recently that she made the decision to adapt to the vegan lifestyle. The key is being intentional about how she treats and takes care of herself.

Chervelle has had a love for words from a very young age. By remaining open to what’s around, inspiration flows. So, it would be right to say that various avenues and outlets inspire her. But the greatest of all are words. A single letter, word, phrase or sentence allows her mind to travel on its own adventure, viewing it as a dance, or in the form of a mountain, or a snapshot. It was this very love of words that saw Chervelle realising her childhood dream working in the editorial field. This granted her the honour of covering events, getting to know people through interviews, and meeting those she admires. The art of storytelling has led her to work and write for various magazines locally and internationally where she had the opportunity to utilise her interior design background and love of fashion to create spaces and style photoshoots that graced the cover and inside pages of physical and online publications.

As a woman who is naturally drawn to those who rebel against the status quo, she longs to see more people free themselves from the chains that keep them bound. Including herself.

NoMiNoU Ambassador Noel Paine

Noel Paine


“Love the NoMiNoU tights! Truly feel Canadian out running on the trails and standing on ice and snow with my legs covered in Haida art.”

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Noel is a ‘runningdad’, runner, writer and advocate for healthy, active living and mental health. He has been running for over 30-years and has run everything from the 100m to 100km ultramarathons and loves encouraging others to get outside and connect with themselves and the world. Noel has a great respect for Canada’s indigenous cultures and believes many of their spiritual teachings, art and culture can have a positive impact on the world.

Noel has recently published a book on positive runners with inspiring stories he has met over the years.

For more information please visit

Kristen x NoMiNoU

Erin x NoMiNoU

Erin completed a 90-day digital Fitness + Food challenge in collaboration with NoMiNoU and other amazing partners! She worked out with Twist Vancouver fitness trainers 3 times a week and followed Health & Wellness Coach Nicole Porter’s meal & motivation plan, all while also wearing NoMiNoU gear.

Kamantha x NoMiNoU

Theland x NoMiNoU

NoMiNoU Ambassador Theland Kicknosway
Photo credit: Karen Joyner
NoMiNoU Ambassador Theland Kicknosway
Photo credit: Karen Joyner

Charlene x NoMiNoU

Forrest Yoga (Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco) x NoMiNoU

Chervelle x NoMiNoU

Noel x NoMiNoU